October 30, 2017 A Humble Gaming Tower impacting Both PC and Console Markets - Vortex G25 In the past, we all believed that the size of the system makes the boundary of performance. I suggested that you knew what it means, then let me teach you a new lesson. MSI Vortex G25 is just volume 2.5 liter & [...]
October 30, 2017 7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake CPU PK - Do I get a Core i5-HQ processor or a Core i7-U? It used to be a lot simpler with CPUs when we only had to choose between HQ series processor and a U series processor. The former is designed for full quad-core performance, and the latter for power saving. But as [...]
October 27, 2017 How to upgrade the MSI Aegis 3 Gaming Desktop So you got yourself a MSI Aegis 3 Gaming Desktop or you are looking to buy one. Well, you are on a good path! The MSI Aegis 3 is a good choice for your gaming needs now ánd in the future. The [...]
October 26, 2017 Budget Gaming Dilemma – GTX 1050Ti/1050 or GTX 960M/950? The Answer is Clear Despite Nvidia had launched the GTX 1050Ti & 1050 to market for a while. As we knew, there’re still some laptops which adopt 960M/950M with an attractive price. I believe that some people are distressed at how to make a [...]
October 26, 2017 Introducing GT75VR, the First 17’Gaming Laptop with Rapid. Mechanical Keyboard What gives GT75VR the right? Alas, the long-awaited, much anticipated GT75VR is finally making its way into the market; knocking on competitors’ doors with ill-intent. That being said, the most sought-after features in this new boss around the [...]
October 25, 2017 Testing the Limit of the GT75VR Titan The GT75VR Titan is the new member of the GT Titan family, a name that symbolizes flagship products with top of the line everything. The latest GT75VR strikes a perfect balance between the existing GT83VR and GT75[...]
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