Reliability Matters for Your Laptop

Ruggedness, reliability and durability are what a laptop should be. To provide the best in class laptops for all kinds of professionals, MSI laptops go through tremendous rigorous tests. Tailored for professional minds and exploratory spirit, MSI laptops support you as you pursue your passions.

The top10 MIL-STD 810G military trials which are tested under the abrupt environmental conditions, including extreme altitudes and temperature challenges, as well as, physical vibration, dropping and shock tests, designed for busy mobile lifestyles.

  • Low Pressure (Altitude)

  • High Pressure (Altitude)

  • Shock

  • Vibration

  • Mechanical Vibrations of
    Shipboard Equipment

  • High Temperature

  • Low Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Salt Fog

  • Sand and Dust

Low High Pressure

Low/High Pressure (Altitude)

Designed for the fearless exploratory spirit, MSI laptops undergo thorough, extreme pressure testing to enable you to work anywhere adventure calls.

Low High Pressure

Shock / Vibration

Inevitable bumps always occur in life. This is why MSI insists on vibration and shock tests to ensure that your laptop is sturdy enough to protect all of your data from any minor damage that throws your way.

Mechanical Vibrations of Shipboard Equipment

MSI overcomes rugged shipment tests to deliver the best quality. There are endless challenges to face on your journey, but this laptop will be able to accompany you and conquer them.

Low High Pressure

Low / High Temperature or Humidity

Never compromise your plans because of bad weather. MSI laptops undergo extreme temperature and humidity tests to set you free from Mother Nature's tyrannical demands; you don't need to be restrained by harsh weather ever again.

Low High Pressure

Salt Fog / Sand and Dust

Taking your laptop to the beach shouldn't be a dream. With this rigorous design MSI laptops make that dream come true by passing the salt, fog, and sand-dust tests.

This is Why We Choose MSI

MSI believes that everyone deserves a laptop which can accompany you through life's everyday challenges. This is why MSI always strives for professionalism with world-leading technology, and offers the reliable and durable laptops.

Models tested under military standard