1. Introduction
    1. Definition
    2. Dragon Cup OW is an esport tournament played on the Overwatch© PC platform, edited by Blizzard Entertainment. The organization of Dragon Cup OW is managed by Cyber Entertainment Agency (CEA) on December 29th & 30th

    3. Regulation Board
    4. The present Rules have been decided and written by the Tournament Director, Mathieu Morin (admin@cea-acd.com).

    5. Application
    6. These Rules of the Dragon Cup OW apply to each of the teams registered for the event.

    7. Rules update
    8. The Tournament Director, along with the event producer, reserves the right to modify the present rules at any time without notice. It is encouraged to review these regulations from time to time in order to be apprised of any changes.

    9. Tournament format
    10. The tournament format will be determined after registration closed, all registered players will receive an email with specific format and important information on how the tournament will be executed.

    11. Player Eligibility
    12. All players participating in the Dragon Cup OW tournament must own and register with an Overwatch ID (Battletag = name#number).

      In order to participate in Dragon Cup OW, you must meet the following requirements:

      ● Live in Canada
      ● Must be at least 13 years old
      ● Be available on December 29th & December 30th to play Online.

      Players under 18 years old must have the parental consent form signed to participate. (Players under 19 years old for residence of: British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut and Yukon Territory.) Please email admin@cea-acd.com if you need a parental consent form.

  2. Tournament
    1. Overwatch game settings
      1. Game version
      2. The Tournament will use the latest available version of Overwatch in the Americas region.

      3. Nickname Battletag
      4. Players must use the Battletag they have registered with. (name#number)

        Players are not allowed to change their Battletag for the duration of the tournament.

      5. Match Settings
      6. Preset (All team captains need to save the match configuration before the tournament)

        Rule set: Competitive

        Game mode: Assault, Assault/Escort, Control, Escort.

        All heroes are allowed



        ● Enemy health bars: enabled
        ● Game mode start: Manuel
        ● Health Pack Respawn time: 100%
        ● Health Packs: Determined by mode
        ● Kill Cam: disabled
        ● Kill Feed: enabled
        ● Skins: enabled


        ● Allow hero switching: yes
        ● Hero Limit: 1 per team
        ● Random hero on respawn: disabled
        ● Respawn time: 100%
        ● Role limit: off



        ● Enabled: on
        ● Capture speed modifier: 100%
        ● Competitive rules: enabled


        ● Enabled: on
        ● Capture speed modifier: 100%
        ● Competitive rules: enabled
        ● Payload speed modifier: 100%


        ● Enabled: on
        ● Capture speed modifier: 100%
        ● Competitive rules: enabled
        ● Map control points: all
        ● Score to win: 2
        ● Scoring speed: 100%


        ● Enabled: on
        ● Competitive rules: enabled
        ● Payload speed modifier: 100%



        ● Map rotation: Paused
        ● Return to lobby: After a game


        ● Team balancing: Off
        ● Team 1 Max Players: 6
        ● Team 2 Max Players: 6
        ● Max Spectators: 0


        None and select only the map to be played

        Map will be announced on the tournament bracket



        ● Ability cooldown time: 100%
        ● Quick melee: Enabled
        ● Ultimate Ability: 100%
        ● Ultimate generation: 100%

        Combat modifiers

        ● Damage dealt: 100%
        ● Damage received: 100%
        ● Healing dealt: 100%
        ● Healing received: 100%
        ● Health: 100%
        ● Movement speed: 100%
        ● Projectile speed: 100%
        ● Receive headshots only: disabled


        ● Primary fire: enabled
        ● Ammunition clip size scalar: 100%
        ● No ammunition requirements: off
      7. Mappool
      8. ● Hanamura
        ● Temple of Anubis
        ● Volskaya Industries
        ● Eichenwalde
        ● Hollywood
        ● King’s Row
        ● Numbani
        ● Ilios
        ● Lijiang Tower
        ● Nepal
        ● Oasis
        ● Dorado
        ● Route 66
        ● Watchpoint: Gibraltar
        ● Horizon Lunar Colony
        ● Junkertown
        ● Blizzard World
        ● Rialto
        ● Busan

        CEA Regulation Board may update the map pool before the start of the tournament.

    2. Before matches
      1. Match Making
      2. ● One team captain will be responsible to create the game and invite the other. Teams captains will be responsible to invite their players.
        ● Game must be set to invite only.
        ● Only Dragon Cup OW admins are allowed to be spectators.
        ● Team captains are responsible to have their team ready in time and start the match on schedule.
        ● If the match has been selected to be featured on the stream, Dragon Cup OW admin will host the match and invite both team captains.
      3. Match Roster
      4. All players must be registered on the Dragon Cup OW form to be allowed to play, all roster changes must be made prior to the start of the tournament. Playing with different players and/or illegal ringers will result in punishment. For any roster change, please email admin@cea-acd.com

      5. Player substitution
      6. Players can be changed between matches. Should a team decide to do so, the opposing team should be informed and provided a 2 minutes tactical pause. Changed players must be registered in the team’s roster and had provided all the same information then regular players.

      7. Match start time
      8. The match start time indicates the time when the match begins. Therefore, teams are advised to be present in the game lobby 10 minutes before the match start time. If a team is missing players after the start time, tournament admin may force the start of the match shorthanded or rule a forfeit loss.

        Start times for the streamed games will allow for a 10 minutes buffer after the expected start time in order to properly coordinate with the stream production staff. This must not be considered as warm-up. Warm-up should be done BEFORE the start time. CEA reserves the right to change schedule at any time to accommodate the stream production. Teams are invited to be up to date with the tournament schedule on the bracket.

      9. Match host
      10. All matches will have their own created lobby by the team captain featured on the top of the match’s bracket. The team captain hosting must invite the rival team captain and then both of them should invite all their players. Game setting must be set as rules mention and the map must be the one indicated on the bracket. The game should be launched on time but only after both team captains have mentioned their team is ready.

        If a match is scheduled to be featured on the stream, both team captain will be contacted by a tournament admin and they will be invited in their match lobby.

    3. During matches
      1. Usage of pause function
      2. Technical pauses

        If a team has a problem that prevents them from playing on, the team is allowed to use the pause function. The player has to announce the reason before they pause the match. Technical pauses are allowed only once per match and will last no more than 5 minutes. The pause function can be used by every player using the command ctrl+shift+ = (default setting). The player that paused the game need to ask if the other team is ready before he unpause the game.

        Tactical pauses

        In game tactical pause are not allowed, team can only discuss strategies before and after a match. Tactical pause allowed in case of a player substitution should be taken in the game lobby.

    4. After the matches
      1. Match report
      2. The team captain from the winning team is responsible to contact an admin after the game ended and report their win. All team captains must take a screen shot of the game result and could be asked to provide the image to confirm the outcome. Match report screen shot must be taken on the match report screen. Failure to provide the screen shot could result in a forfeit lost.

        In case of a tie game, both team captains need to take a screen shot of the result and contact an admin for a rematch. A new map without the possibility of draw will be assigned to the team captains.

        List of admin and contact information will be provided before the tournament.

      3. Investigation request
      4. When a team estimates being a victim of rules violations during a match, players are compelled not to stop the current game by any means and to properly finish the match. Once the match is over, the team may officially ask for an investigation to tournament admins. It is strongly advised to provide valuable information that may help the Tournament Director in his investigation. Unjustified and repetitive use of this right may be sanctioned.

  3. Forbidden behaviours
    1. Players, Coaches and Managers will be sanctioned if they are found attempting to violate in any way the present forbidden behaviours:

      - Refuse to follow Referee instructions
      - Arrive late at their convocation schedule
      - Show dissent by word or action
      - Use insulting language and/or gestures
      - Use insulting language in-game
      - Display unsportsmanlike behaviour
      - Mislead on their identity (fake nick or identity usurpation)
      - Mislead or dupe any Referee
      - Don’t put any effort to win match
      - Try to manipulate a match’s result
    2. Prohibited software
    3. It is strictly prohibited for a player to use any software modifying the game functionalities, principles or graphical render.

      During the tournament, the organizer and referees will carry out random PC and player material checks for prohibited software. If the presence or use of prohibited software is detected, the concerned player will be banished of any current and future Dragon Cup OW.

  4. Sanctions policy
    1. List of sanctions
    2. After discovery of any Player, Coach or Manager committing any violations of the present rules, the Regulations Committee may apply the following sanctions:

      - Written warning from the admin/referee
      - Game loss
      - Match loss
      - Disqualification

      Depending on the degree, repetition and the final analysis, Regulations Committee may apply additional sanctions such as banishment of future Dragon Cup OW, removal of all cash prizes and awards, or legal proceedings.

  5. Streaming & Casting

    Streaming a Dragon Cup OW match is only permitted with an admin agreement. To get an agreement please write to admin@cea-acd.com

    Only Twitch platform will be authorized. Facebook live or any other streaming platforms are prohibited. All personal streams must host the official Dragon Cup OW stream when they close their broadcast or if the official stream features their game.