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brings true gaming performance to your experience.

MSI offers a new user experience for our MSI enthusiasts. You could based on your preference to equip the rigs. With a perfect combination of MSI GAMING series products, you will be ready to rock gaming skills with unprecedented power. More choices, more flexible, everyone can be an expert of POWERED BY MSI.

And it’s time to choose your own Powered By MSI PC !!!

Segment Story


Conquer the Battlefield

The MAG series was born through rigorous quality testing and designed to be a symbol of sturdiness and durability. Focused on providing the best user experience, the MAG series has a simple installation process coupled with a friendly user interface making it the best choice for entry level gamers.


Game In Style

The MPG series brings out the best in gamers by allowing full expression in color with advanced RGB lighting control and synchronization. Experiment on another level of personalization with a front LED strip that provides convenient in-game and real time notifications. With the MPG series, transform your monitor into the center of attention and top leaderboards in style.


Master the Game

The MEG series seeks to transcend current gaming product, the flagship model designed to push the limits of what an extreme gaming monitor can be. Combining the strengths of our existing arsenal with new innovative technology; this results in significant improvements in operational and gaming efficiency. With the MEG series, take complete control of performance and personalization with the ultimate gaming product series for enthusiasts who want it all.


High performance MSI motherboards are loaded with advanced features and the latest technology to overwhelm any challenge at hand no matter whether you’re a gamer, prosumer, or PC enthusiast.


For more than 20 years, a strong determination has lived on through a pursuit of high-performance graphics cards. A prestigious concept is chiseled into reality with high quality materials and meticulous engineering that can be seen, felt, and experienced. Scrupulous attention to detail, breathtaking design, and a groundbreaking cooling system come together to deliver a state of the art product that offers unparalleled experience.


MSI PC Case inspires the gaming spirit in totality via MSI’s own design MYSTIC LIGHT SYNC technology; you can easily control and sync up the LED on motherboard, graphics card, system fan and Mystic Light Sync partnered devices all at once.


This eye catching and stunning liquid cooler will be your best choice for its dependable cooling performance.


The efficiency of your power supply directly influences your system’s performance and your power consumption. The 80 PLUS Gold certification promises lower energy consumption and higher efficiency.


MSI gaming monitors are equipped with a 144hz refresh rate + 1ms response time VA LED panel which has the most benefit in fast moving game genres such as first person shooters, fighters, racing sims, real-time strategy, and sports. These type of games require very fast and precise movements, which an ultra-high refresh rate and fast response time monitor will put you ahead of your competition.

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