MSI’s Creator Center: Enhance Your Creative Process


To further satisfy user needs and increase productivity, MSI released Creator Center, a program that provide four modes (High Performance, Balanced, Silent, and Super Battery) that can be chosen depending on the task. Creator Center also allows users to configure unique performance settings for a variety of content creation programs, including a large selection of Adobe, MAGIX, and Corel software titles. Creator Center is pre-installed on MSI’s entire Prestige line, which currently consists of the PS42 8M, the PS42 Modern 8RC, the PS42 8RB, the PS63 Modern 8M, the PS63 Modern 8RC, the P65 Creator 8RD, the P65 Creator 8RE, and the P65 Creator 8RF (White Limited Edition).



User Scenarios Provide Absolute Control


On the right, four User Scenarios can be chosen and customized: High Performance, Balanced, Silent, and Super Battery.

High Performance: the system is set to perform at its highest levels, with fans and brightness on their highest options; with one click, the user can push the system to its most powerful settings

Balanced: the fans are set to a lower setting for a more relaxed experience

Silent: prioritizes a noiseless experience

Super Battery: aims to extend battery life

The user can also dedicate a key combo as a shortcut for the scenario as well as save any custom changes (performance mode, fan mode, panel/keyboard brightness) to any scenario.


High Performance



Super Battery


Reduce lag

Suggested settings

Cozy and balanced

During a meeting

Deduce Noise

Outdoor work

Work without adapter




System Tuner for Manual Freedom


On the “System Tuner” page, many configurations such as text/app sizing, True Color (display), and Nahimic (sound) can be set.  

More settings include on/off of the Windows key, switching of the Windows and Fn keys, as well as webcam and Quick Charge 3.0 toggles.



Charge on the Go with Quick Charge 3.0


Quick Charge allows mobile devices to be charged at a higher rate. The Quick Charge function can still work when the notebook is shut down (the notebook’s battery has to be above 30%).



Creator Mode Customizes Programs for Optimal Performance


On the “Creator Mode” page, the user can view the installed programs and choose to apply custom settings with the toggle on each program’s top-right corner. After entering the settings of a particular program, the user will see the following options:


Manage CPU Affinity: dedicates specific threads (logical cores) to the performance of the program (the system in this example features a quad-core processor with a total of 8 threads)

Optimize GPU Performance: concentrates graphical power to the program

Optimize Memory Performance: reserves cache space for the program

Application Priority: prioritizes the program for superior performance, preventing other programs from lagging its operations



System Monitoring for Complete Clarity


On the “System Monitoring” page, the user can view the computer’s usage, device information and status.

The user can click “Detail” to see the CPU/GPU temperature or “FREE UP MEMORY/CLEAN UP DISK” to further boost performance.




MSI’s Creator Center not only provides monitoring and control for its system’s various components, it also offers customizations for each program and user scenario. Thanks to convenient modes and keyboard shortcuts, users can activate settings with one click. With an aesthetic layout and designed with simple functionality in mind, Creator Center allows MSI’s industry-leading hardware to perform to its utmost potential.



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