Mystic Light Makes GE63/73 Raider RGB Become The Fanciest Gaming Notebooks!

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If you did aware the MSI news from CES 2018, you might remember that MSI will come out a newer version of GE63/GE73 Raider gaming notebooks with a new design on A cover, that’s the high brightness lights they called “Mystic Light” on latest GE63 and GE73 Raider RGB. I would like to tell you, in the beginning, the lights effects on real products are more beautiful and brighter compared to my photos or video.

More than just a powerful gaming notebook!

This time I got more news for guys who want to buy GE63 or GE73 Raider RGB with latest Intel 8th Gen. Platform gaming notebooks. The GE series always evolve on every generation upgrade, this time the GE63 and GE73 Raider RGB give us not only new CPU platform, but the fanciest Mystic Light on the A side cover. If you look at the photo, you could realize that the Mystic Light still very shine even at high brightness environment.

How to Set Mystic Light with Steelseries Engine 3

Check on the SSE3 with 3.12.1 version, it shows Mystic Light item and MSI Per-Key RGB keyboard item, this time we check on Mystic Light first for a quick view. The default mode comes with 4 options, when the user installed games with supported by MSI Gaming Mode, it will save your game preset Mystic Light as an extra option. In this example, I installed PUBG, CS:GO and DOTA 2, these 3 games could pre-set 3 different keyboard backlit and 3 different Mystic Light modes, that makes our gameplay become fanciest lights on the GE63 and GE73 Raider RGB gaming notebooks.

Besides of the default mode, the Mystic Light designed with 24 zones of the full-color led lights, 12 zones for each side, so users could adjust each zone to their prefered color make different color shift independently.

Below is my one test example, I preset backlit on Steady mode, the left side lights with multi colors, the right side light with single red color, and then save the setting. The turnaround of the GE63 Raider RGB gaming notebook, you could see the lights become very fancy and interesting, users could set every single zone to become different colors and effects.

More Dynamic Lights Effects Are Waiting for You to Find Out!

The Mystic Light comes 24 zones, set 4 effects, got 13 templates and 1.6M colors, that ability for GE63 and GE73 Rider RGB users to adjust almost infinity type of the lighting effects. The very fancy and vivid color of the preset mode is "Disco Mode", it's too many modes that too difficult to show all of them in a short article.

Please check below video link to see how the fancy Disco Mode motion works!

See below example mode of Mystic Light presets.

Shift Mode: Color shift motion with different color combinations.

Macaw Mode: From Outside to Inside change color every time mode.

Night Drive Mode: Like a flash from left to right.

Red Alert Mode: Kind of SOS or Urgent Lights

Flux Mode: From outside to inside and comes with color shift.

Fire-Ice Mode

The fanciest Mystic Light mode is just a starter!

The Mystic Light on GE63 and GE73 Raider RGB is a new feature, nothing related to performance but really inspired gamer to have the fanciest gaming notebook and could show off your style of color. But GE63 and GE73 Raider RGB got more than this, it comes with Per-Key RGB keyboard and unique Gaming Mode, which will make all the LED backlit runs with its own preset mode for some popular games, let’s take a deep look into more features on GE63 and GE73 Raider RGB when they are in your market!

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