Size doesn't matter, or does it? A Very Superficial Look Into the Vortex G25

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I know what you're thinking, but no. What we meant is thwarting the concept of “gaming power only exists in bigger desktops”. If you’re one of those users who’ve longed for a powerful gaming laptop with a “redefined” practicality; look no further, the solution is here.

Vortex G25, the solution

The new player in town has numerous advantages over conventional gaming towers: space-less design, VR, gaming power, and adaptability.

Sporting Intel's newest 8th Gen. CoffeeLake with NVIDIA’s new Pascal GTX1070, this compact gaming desktop has all the power you need to play your favorite PC games; including popular titles like PUBG, CoD, Battlefield series, and pretty much any game you throw at it.

Quick-fun Vortex G25 intro video:

Placing, Moving, and LAN-ing

Where to put the Vortex is limitless. Underneath the TV, beside the monitor on vertical or horizontal, on a shelf even?

Check the scenarios below:
Vortex G25 placed right beside a monitor. Seamless integration

Placed on TV cabinet. Occupies literally no space at all.
In addition, convenient VR application makes it even easier to enjoy VR while others watch the progress on TV!

Vortex adaptability reaches beyond just gaming
In office, its sleek design saves you space while giving you extraordinary processing power to do work

Or attach it to the back of your monitor for another seamless integration
(thanks for the VESA mount)

Time for LAN party. Redefining portable gaming desktop
Now you don’t have to think twice when your friends ask you to join a LAN party

Vortex G25 has all the goodies packed inside; with the newest 8th Gen. CPU CoffeeLake, stands at only 2.5L/KG, NVIDIA Pascal GPU, and easy to carry; so if you’re a gamer, you owe it to yourself to give the stylish and powerful Vortex G25

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