The Best Cooling of Slim Gaming Notebook, GS63 7RD with GeForce GTX1050

By 李文萱 |
MSI GS63 is the slimmest gaming notebook amount all MSI gaming notebooks, but still have lots of great gaming features and best cooling system than most of the slim notebooks in the market, which made GS63 7RD become the best gaming notebook with GeForce GTX1050 graphics as an outstanding purple cow in the red-sea of slim and lower performance notebooks market.

More than 10 of High Level Gaming Features Embedded

With Cooler Boost Trinity, Dragon Center with the SHIFT of OC and fan speed control, multi-color backlit keyboard, SteelSeries Engine 3, SABRE HiFi DAC with Nahimic 2+ surround, Thunderbolt 3 with 3x Matrix Display, Killer LAN, Killer WiFi and 72%NTSC of IPS display with True Color Tech., the GS63 7RD gave much better gaming experience for the mid-range gamers or normal users a comfort feeling to use this notebook, not only great for working but also for fantastic entertainment.

The GS63 7RD with Cooler Boost 5, 3 fans and 5 heatpipes

The GS63 7RD got a set of 7mm height ultra slim but powerful cooling design called “Cooler Boost Trinity”, this cooling module designed with 3x 41-blades fans, 2 heatpipes for GPU, 2 heatpopes for CPU, 1 heatpipe across CPU and GPU to make balanced heat transfer. As the lower level of GTX 1050 graphics, this cooling design is far more than enough to resolve the heat from CPU and GPU, so that GS63 7RD is really cool and silent when full speed gaming and even with burn-in tests.

How Powerful Is It on GS63 7RD Gaming Notebook

We did run some test to see the GS63 7RD capability and gaming performance, the 3D Mark 11 got good performance around P7800 score with MSI Dragon Center set to Turbo mode, which is 40%+ faster than GTX960M around P5500 score. The 3D Mark Fire Strike got 5806 score as well. During the test, the Core i7 7700HQ CPU could stay under 84°C, and GPU temp. under 68°C, which is very cool and stable at high clock range.

When we take a look on professional usage, we did test the famous CineBench R15 as OpenGL benchmark reference, the OpenGL score is 89.8fps, Multi Cores CPU score is 726CB, which is same performance level as Core i7 7700HQ with Quadro M2000M graphics. It’s a very good value platform for Simi-Pro users as well.

Present Lowest Temperature on GS63 7RD Gaming Notebook

We go higher stress test to test the CPU and GPU with extreme Burn-In test, although highest CPU temperature is around 90~95°C, but the CPU clock kept stable around 3.3GHz~3.5GHz boosted, and GPU temperature still under 79°C. At this heavy loading test, the fan noise only under amazing 46~48dBA!

When we checked the keyboard side surface temperature, we came out this very result, all the surface was under 39.1°C, half of the surface under 34C, that makes the GS63 7RD could stay at very cool user experience, and keep silent cooling under 48dBA of the noise. Compared to the other slim notebooks with Core i7 7700HQ, they got at least 45°C~50°C of C side temp on top of the CPU or GPU cover, GS63 should be the coolest and quietest gaming notebook amount these normal cows.

Enjoy most games at Full HD Resolution on GS63 7RD Gaming Notebook

We did play “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” game and run the test; the game runs smoothly around 30fps at FHD + High Preset, or 40fps at Mid Preset, that’s good enough on this platform. Play Dirt 4 at smoother 60fps with FHD High Preset, play Battlefield 1 over 45fps with FHD High Preset, or play Overwatch over 85fps with FHD High Preset. That made this GS63 7RD could play most of the games with FHD resolution but mid-high preset with good enough FPS rate.
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