We recently introduced a big line-up of all new gaming desktops. We’re the first brand in the world to have such a huge line-up of desktops readied with Intel’s 7th gen chipset (also called Kaby Lake) combined with an NVIDIA 10-series graphics card. And we’re proud of it! But what makes them any better than other desktops?

The one thing we always hear when releasing new desktops or when reading the comments on our desktop’s reviews on news websites is that people wonder if they are better of building a high end PC by themselves. If you build your own desktop, you’re in full control of what’s put inside and how much you spend on each component. Heck, on plenty reseller websites you can simply select each component online and have it assembled by the reseller for you.

Let’s say up front that if you are the kind of person who likes to build a PC completely by yourself, don’t let anyone stop you. We love self builds (that’s why MSI was founded in the first place) and that’s what keeps driving us to make better motherboards and graphics cards each generation.

But for all other gamer who want to have a ready to go Gaming Desktop we are proud to show you our way of gaming. What is our way? G.A.M.E. Unlimited.