(Vivienne Ke, Taipei) The pursuit of speed and performance is the one constant in the world of gaming hardware: the challenge lies in compelling designs that not only rivals, but exceeds, those put forth by the cutthroat competition. To be known as one of the best gaming laptops in 2019, in contrast with the trend of minimalist style, the GE65 Raider is fearless and audacious, proclaiming itself as the vanguard of the next generation of stylish gaming laptops. True to its name, the GE65 Raider performs at an exceptional level while being 11% smaller than its competitors.
GE65 Raider

Outmaneuvering the competition! GE65 sports the smallest chassis in its class

MSI GE65 is inspired by the symbol of the giant coiling dragon. Forged in metallic black, the chassis sandblasted texture is complemented by MSI iconic logo, the crystalline shield of the silver dragon. Like an ascending dragon, the GE65's 3D spines bursts out of the lid, its furious rise heralded by the reflecting menacing red light. Even the USB ports partake in this ritual: its red light can be switched on and off according to the users' personal inclinations.
GE65 Raider

Good looking laptop: GE65 shines with the martial brilliance.

Lifting the lid will reveal the heart of the beast. The splendid “Per-Key RGB” keyboard shines with the martial brilliance. Meanwhile, the display design aligns with that of the upper cover, creating an exquisite ensemble. Finally, the 5mm-thin bezel ringe line design not only provides users with the aesthetic pleasure of an 82% screen-to-body ratio, but also reduces the laptop’s casing size by 11% without sacrificing the all-important gaming numpad.
GE65 Raider
GE65 Raider

See-through bottom with armored dragon scales shows off GE65's cooling superiority

The base design of the GE65 is an ingenious engineering feat that instills the entire laptop with the spirit of the dragon. On the one hand, the irregular lower grille-base is bedecked with dragon-like scales, equipping the laptop with protective armor. On the other hand, the design's effective ventilation can be attributed to its expanded use of convective space for heat dissipation. Furthermore, GE65 utilizes unrivalled thermal and cooling solutions while minimizing the size of the chassis. The GE65 stands at the apex of laptop gaming, sparing no effort to put forth elegant and effective designs that not only fulfills the stringent requirements of gamers, but pays homage to their extraordinary taste.
GE65 Raider

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