December 04, 2017 Step into the next generation of RAID performance with MSI motherboards When you are enjoying your favorite games or working on the content creation, long loading times can really ruin your experience or efficiency. To solve this problem, RAID uses two or more hard disks working in parallel for larger capacity [...]
November 29, 2017 Outstanding Design and Performance - Deep Look into New MSI GE63VR 7RF Raider Over the recent years, MSI has been focusing on the high level and mid-range gaming marketing with 3 main series: The finest is the GT series that pursues maximum performance; the 2nd is the GS series with its slim & light but [...]
November 28, 2017 How smooth do FPS games run on GT75VR Titan Pro? "MSI's GT75VR Titan series have greater gaming Power and better features upgraded. Let's try it on 3 popular FPS game titles to know the capability of GT75VR Titan Pro.
November 07, 2017 Manual Control on Lowest Temperature or a 50dBA Noise System by Dragon Center! (Read 45 times) The GT75VR Titan Pro in the market is the most powerful 17” gaming notebook with Core i7 7820HK CPU, single GTX1080 graphics or dual GTX 1070 SLI graphics, this kind of top level gaming notebooks should come with very powerful cooling [...]
November 03, 2017 Size doesn't matter, or does it? A Very Superficial Look Into the Vortex G25 I know what you're thinking, but no. What we meant is thwarting the concept of “gaming power only exists in bigger desktops”. If you’re one of those users who’ve longed for a powerful gaming laptop with a “redefined” [...]
November 03, 2017 Ensures the lowest latency and highest throughout - Killer Ethernet E2500 After many times award winning in the network market, the Killer Ethernet now has a new family member – Killer E2500. It sets a new standard for network performance and control by delivering powerful new technology that detects and optimally prioritizes [...]
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