October 26, 2017 Budget Gaming Dilemma – GTX 1050Ti/1050 or GTX 960M/950? The Answer is Clear Despite Nvidia had launched the GTX 1050Ti & 1050 to market for a while. As we knew, there’re still some laptops which adopt 960M/950M with an attractive price. I believe that some people are distressed at how to make a [...]
October 26, 2017 Introducing GT75VR, the First 17’Gaming Laptop with Rapid. Mechanical Keyboard What gives GT75VR the right? Alas, the long-awaited, much anticipated GT75VR is finally making its way into the market; knocking on competitors’ doors with ill-intent. That being said, the most sought-after features in this new boss around the [...]
October 25, 2017 Testing the Limit of the GT75VR Titan The GT75VR Titan is the new member of the GT Titan family, a name that symbolizes flagship products with top of the line everything. The latest GT75VR strikes a perfect balance between the existing GT83VR and GT75[...]
September 04, 2017 Deeper Look into what’s Behind the New Keyboards A Deeper Look into what’s Behind the New Keyboards   Aside from the core performance and cooling, the keyboard is something MSI has been focusing on right from the start. The keyboard is one of the most important factor that [...]
September 04, 2017 Gaming on GS43VR The GS43 has been the most compact member of the GS family. The 14” chassis with VR Ready performance makes it one of the most portable gaming notebooks. We’ve tested it out with a few different games and here’s [...]
September 04, 2017 VR performance test on Kaby lake platform MSI pioneers only the extraordinary gaming machines for your gaming pleasure. MSI is the first to intro the gaming laptops with the latest Intel 7th Gen CPU and GeForce GTX10 series GPU in the market. Gamers can get the best [...]
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