MSI Recommend Intel® Platform Notebooks, Vortex and VR One for Firmware Update on CPU Speculative Execution Vulnerabilities.

Latest Update:
[Taipei, Taiwan] MSI gaming notebooks has been focused on pioneering and innovating gaming featurrs for worldwide enthusiasts to the latest gaming laptops, when Intel announced it’s issue on Spercutre and fixed path on BIOS/EC firmware, MSI did fast response on all notebooks, Vortex and VR One models firmware test and quick update these info in early January 2018.

From Intel® 2nd Gen to 8th Gen Platform Should Use This Update

MSI is aware of the recent security issues which discovered by Google's Project Zero team and have been working closely with our partners to prepare the Meltdown and Spectre attack vulnerabilities mitigations for all our customers. Even normal user might not have any issue with daily works or gaming, but we still make all of our mobile products ready to update for any critical usage to prevent security or system issues.

All of the MSI Notebook, Vortex and VR One units which built with Intel 2th to the 8th generation Core Processor could use this update to prevent further issues. To get the protection for your notebook system, MSI strongly recommended getting the system BIOS (with the updated microcode) and the latest Windows Update patch updated. Also, keep an eye on our FAQ page to have the latest news.

Please noticed that Microsoft System Update Detail Check is a MUST

If your daily usage related to industry control or mechanical types of works, please double check on Microsoft update notice to make sure you will get full package on the Windows system update, any uncompleted single file update might cause the system failure on very few professional usage software, Thank you.

Please check the Notebooks, Vortex and VR One firmware update FAQ page to get clear info for manual update.

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