ESL One Genting 2018 Champion Crowned!
China team Newbee Got Sweet Revenge

Latest Update:

[Taipei, Taiwan] ESL One Genting 2018, the highest Southeast Asia Dota2 tournament held in Kuala Lumpur, ends today. Newbee from China fought hard for 5 games to win a narrow victory over the last champion Team Liquid by 3: 2, winning $160,000 prize and heading itself to 2018 World Series with earned points.
Up to 16 teams participated in the tournament this year. The competition started on January 23th and only 4 teams left for the playoffs on 26th. It took BO3 to semifinals and BO5 to finals. Team Liquid and Newbee were the champion and runners-up of 2017 World Series respectively. Their duel was a small world, attracting nearly 5,500 Dota 2 fans on site.

Due to the top teams last year again, the fighting excited all fans. Unlike the playoffs few days ago, the winners defeated their opponents in two straight games, the championship finally came out till the 5th game.
Newbee won the first game; and then, two teams took victory in turn. Photographers were busy running on the stage and reporters should have changed their drafts so many times. The first 3 games - stubborn resistance - would be the most realistic interpretation. In several times, each team almost had chance to get the game point, but prudence seemed to be the first policy for both parties.

In the 4th game, the fight reached its climax. Both teams did not want to waste time; after all, the finals had been lasting over 4 hours. Team Liquid triggered blitzkrieg in this game to beat Newbee and took the finals to the game 5.
In the last game, they gave up circuitous strategy, direct fight. In the first half, there was almost one life for one life fight, no one could gain great advantage. In the second half, Newbee defeated Team Liquid at home; and then, staged a powerful counter attack. When Newbee marched into Team Liquid’s last position, Team Liquid had reached the end of its tether. Newbee, finally, won the champion and took a sweet revenge for an insult of the 2017 World Series.

The next major ESL Dota2 tournament will be ESL One Katowice 2018 held in Poland from 2/25 to 2/28. Less than one month, we are lucky to see these top eSports teams match again.
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