Global Warranty Service Locations

Remarks Of Product Warranty Term

The warranty term may differ from one region to another, if you would like to verify the warranty term of the product bought, please kindly contact our local offices.
About Global warranty detail, please refer to "Warranty Information Limited Warranty Conditions Chapter 2"(

Global Warranty Service Locations for the Notebook

The global travel performance assurance is applicable only when you send the Product to an MSI-authorized "Global travel performance assurance" service center not in the country of original purchase. If you travel to an area without MSI global service centers, you may send the Product to the global service center closest to you (sender responsible to and from shipping charges).

Original Global Warranty period : 1 year base-on purchase date.


MSI Computer (Canada) Corp.

  • Sales & Marketing:
    • Notebook Sales Department: Email Form
    • Notebook Marketing Department: Email Form
    • VGA and Motherboard Sales Department: Email
    • VGA and Motherboard Marketing Department: Email

  • Technical Support:
    • AIO & Notebook Tel (English): 1-888-447-6564 Hours: Mon-Fri (5:00AM – 7:00PM EST)
    • AIO & Notebook Tel (French): 1-888-227-6210 Hours: Mon-Fri (7:00AM – 4:00PM EST)
    • VGA & Motherboard Tel: 1-844-887-0188 Hours: Mon – Fri (9:00AM – 6:00PM PST)
  • RMA Customer Service (Canada):
    • 1-888-447-6564, Hours: Mon-Fri (9:00AM - 6:00PM PST)
    • 1-888-227-6210, Hours: Mon – Fri (7:00AM – 4:00PM PST)
  • Repair Center Address:
    • 371 Alden Rd, Markham, Ontario,  L3R 3L4