Check My Product Warranty


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Check My Product Warranty

  • To check the warranty of your product, please follow the instruction to register the product in member center first. If you have already registered the product, please refer to this step (Click) for checking the warranty status.
  • Note: Product registration on the MSI member center would not affect the rights for claiming the product warranty.


1. Log in MSI Member Center, and select "Product Registration" in the menu bar on the left-hand side.



2. Enter required information and complete the registration for your products.

Note: If you encounter difficulties identifying the barcode of your product, please refer to Serial Number Identification Help for guidance. 


3. After product registration completed, select “My Product”, and select “View More”.





4. Select “Service” on top of the page, you will be able to view the warranty status of your product.



Please securely retain your invoice of the product for your product warranty. All of the warranty starting date of MSI products are according to the purchase date on the invoice.

For example: If you have purchased your product with two years of warranty on 2022/01/01, the warranty would be expired on 2024/01/01.

Please refer to the MSI warranty policy for further details.


Enjoy Benefit:

Enjoy 3-month warranty extension after completing the registration questionnaire:

  • Eligible Product: Notebook, All-In-One PC, Desktop, Monitor.
  • All customers who purchase a new MSI product and then complete registration and reply to the questionnaire will receive a 3-month warranty extension.
  • This does not apply to product of which standard warranty has been expired.
  • Customers have to complete the questionnaire in advance to get the full benefits.
  • MSI reserves the right to update or modify these terms and conditions of this program.
  • This extended warranty service only can be applicable to the original region / location where consumers purchased the unit.
  • The extenstion excluded MOTHERBOARD and GRAPHICS CARD and POWER SUPPLY.

More information, please [Click Here]


If you are still experiencing problems with above information, please reach out to the MSI customer support team for further assistance.


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