The World is My Work Station
MSI had the pleasure to invite a high-caliber concept artist, Jama Jurabaev; to share firsthand his experiences working with MSI Mobile Workstation. Learn more: MSI Mobile Workstation -
MSI Gaming Notebooks | TriDef VR Tutorial | Only Everything in 3D!
For years MSI has focused on gaming innovations, providing nothing but the most reliable software and hardware for all gamers. This time we go above and beyond, giving 4 world’s first and exclusive game changers: Nahimic 2+, Nahimic VR, TriDef, and True Color Technology 2.0. This is the tutorial for TriDef VR and we hope you like it. Most importantly, We offer a 3-month free license to let you get fully benefit from the TriDef and get more from VR. Check out more at
How Smooth Does it Run? Running BLIZZARD’s popular title OVERWATCH on MSI GL62M 7RDX
Blizzard’s Overwatch is flexible in terms of system requirements; but to enjoy full beauty of the game, especially during chaotic skirmishes and team fights, GL62M 7RDX will get the job done without breaking a sweat. Benchmarking using MSI’s exclusive Afterburner is also added on the top left-hand corner, giving the most direct and simplified access to real-time data...
How Smooth Does it Run? Running UBISOFT’s popular title FOR HONOR on MSI GP62M 7REX
It is no secret that Ubisoft’s For Honor eats away performance like crazy. Witness firsthand how well GP62M 7REX performs when running For Honor at 1080P. Benchmarking using MSI’s exclusive Afterburner is also added on the top left-hand corner, giving the most direct and simplified access to real-time data...
MSI x Children's Miracle Network Hospitals
MSI is not just about gaming, we also do our social responsibility for Children. Go out and support your local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals through gaming! Children's Miracle Network Hospitals :
Cover Your Tracks – MSI GE62 Camo Squad Limited Edition
MSI introduces camouflage themed products for the very first time. They are aimed at giving users a feel of individuality, personal identity, and an incredible immersive experience as if one is participating in the actual combat. Each camo designed gaming products is made with delicate craftsmanship. Grab the limited-time offer before they're gone! Buy selected MSI Camo Squad series products get the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands Game or Season Pass for FREE!! Better yet, MSI offers exclusive gifts. Show off your tough camo style in game-play and in daily life!...
MSI Gaming desktop | MSI VR | TriDef Tutorials | Play game in iMax theater!
With TriDef VR you can play your favorite PC games on a huge 3D screen inside your virtual reality headset. Over 900 DirectX 9, 10 and 11 games have been pre-configured to generate a stereoscopic 3D experience. Other games and the Windows desktop can be viewed in 2D on the virtual screen. ►More about MSI features: Social:  G.A.M.E. Unlimited landing page :  Facebook:  Twitter:  Instagram:
MSI Gaming Desktops | G.A.M.E. Unlimited
Meet all the Gaming features of the MSI Gaming Desktops. Gaming Performance Absolute Gaming DNA Magnificent Audio Essential Connectivity Discover more on
GT83VR: World’s 1st full RGB color mechanical keyboard gaming notebook
Let's see these ultimate performance and excellent features, The most beautiful angle besides of the notebook shapes on GT83VR is the Cherry MX RGB Silver Speed mechanical keyboard, This time GT83VR make great evolution on the keyboard with multi colors and new switches, Every key cap could present whole RGB colors independently, that makes the gamers’ keyboard looks fantastic!...
Rise back to glory with MSI and AMD RYZEN!
Almost three years ago, MSI introduced the world’s first AMD-based GAMING motherboard. Now, together with AMD, MSI sets a new standard for AMD-based GAMING motherboards with the launch of Ryzen. Based on the new AM4 platform, MSI unleashes a complete lineup of game-changing motherboards, ready to cater to gamers and pc enthusiasts all around the world. Available in three GAMING segments: Enthusiast GAMING, Performance GAMING and Arsenal GAMING, there’s a motherboard for every type of gamer. Additionally, the PRO Series motherboards offer all the goodness AM4 and MSI has to offer and are fully optimized to deliver the best performance and ultimate stability. Check out more about MSI X370 & B350 motherboards by clicking the link: